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By local company Pure Botanica.
Luxurious, natural soap bars hand poured using the cold process method then cured for 6 weeks. Crafted using ethical, sustainable, fair trade & locally-sourced ingredients.

Each bar is 130 g.

Blosssom -A scent profile that is light, sweet and floral.

Calm - A scent profile that is both floral & sweet and creates an incredibly soothing aroma.
Citrus Sweet Tea - This scent profile is reminiscent of a warm summer day sipping on a glass of refreshing, citrusy sweet tea. 
Coconut Lime -
Coconut Lime is infused with a coconut milk & green French clay base, making it's lather rich, thick and creamy.
Crème de Menthe -
Refreshingly scented with Japanese mint, its aroma is energizing, clarifying and bright.
Damask Rose -
A scent of a romantic botanical bouquet.
Earl Grey -
A beautifully blended aroma reminiscent of a london fog latte.
Oatmeal Lavender -
A classic scent of lavender infused with colloidal oats.
Vanilla Oat -
A scent profile that is light, warm and sweet with notes of vanilla.
The CEO -
A scent profile that is warm, masculine & spicy. Made with Rasshoul clay which is excellent for all skin types but particularly for those with slightly oilier skin.
The Sailor -
A scent profile that is clarifying, cooling & refreshing and is infused with a heaping of mineral rich French clay.

The Woodsman - A mountain, woodsy scent.