The Tickled Floral Foam Free Design Commitment

If the Earth laughs in flowers we want to keep them laughing! That’s why at Tickled Floral we are committed to taking strides toward sustainability in our floral designs.

Used for decades in the floral design industry, floral foam is a one-time-use synthetic plastic that doesn't biodegrade and eventually causes problems in our delicate ecosystems. The dust from floral foam can be harmful to floral designers too. The Tickled Floral team cares about our planet and cares about each other so we commit to use foam-free mechanics instead of foam whenever possible in our work. Some design containers require floral foam for arranging in, most can be done without.

Foam free - safer for our designers, and better for our world!

• Flower bunches (ie. tulips), frest cut flowers, and flowers in vases with water are ALWAYS foam free.
• Designer's choice arrangements could be either. Be sure to ask specifically for "foam free" in the notes area of your order if that's your preference.

Tickled Floral is committed to building more eco-friendly, sustainable floral arrangements using techniques other than floral foam..