Amaryllis Bulb Kit Fundraiser 2019/20

Waxed Amaryllis Bulbs have everything they need to bloom! The wax coating seals in all the nutrients and water required to produce beautiful big Amaryllis flowers. They require NO additional care. In 4-6 weeks the bulb will produce 2-3 stems of 4-5 flowers which last for weeks to be enjoyed through the holiday season. After they’ve bloomed they will not bloom again and can be discarded.


How the fundraiser works?
Available for January 2020 Fundraisers!

Your customers choose from the following options:

Red Blooms and Gold Wax
Red Blooms and Copper Wax
White Blooms and Silver Wax

Your cost - $15/kit*
Suggested selling price - $20/kit*
$5/kit* goes to your organization!

(based on a minimum of 50 bulb kits sold)
*Prices include gst 

To set up YOUR Amaryllis Kit Fundraiser, please contact us at
780-417-1627 or

Download a printable info sheet HERE.

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