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Dirty Hippie Spray: With Sandalwood, Patchouli and Clary Sage, Pure Essential’s Dirty Hippie Spray Has A Beautifully Balanced, Soft Smell With Gentle Patchouli Undertones. These Oils Help With Grounding, Relaxation And To Alleviate Stress.

4 Thieves Spray: Thieves is a popular blend used for immune stimulation and germ control. It has a fresh & spicy smell combining oils like rosemary, lemon, frankincense, lavender, cinnamon and clove to help kill viruses, bacteria and more.

Happy Spray: combines bergamot and grapefruit for an uplifting and energizing body, room or linen spray. If you like the scent of citrus, you’ll love this balanced formula that is 100% natural. Citrus helps reduce stress and increase mental clarity, making this a must have on days where calm thinking is required.Our Happy spray lets you travel with a bit of joy in your pocket! Spray liberally to increase your mood and energy chemical free.

Sweet Dreams Spray: helps to prepare you and your body for sleep. Our pure essential oil blend that can be used in diffusers and is a beautiful mix of Lavender, Amyris, Neroli and Sandalwood. Diffuse in your room prior to bed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

58 mls each.

By Pure Essentials